Structural adhesives play an important part in aerospace manufacturing and the importance is increasing significantly with higher composite usage. Adhesives are typically applied in the form of either a paste or a film.
Pastes, with high viscosities, tend to form thicker bond lines and, therefore, fill and bridge gaps between bonded surfaces and can offer significantly greater elongation and impact resistance. Paste are also used for bonding detailed parts.
Films, which consist of a thin layer of pre-catalyzed resin supported on a scrim or paper backing, are sold in roll or sheet form. They are used in large-area structural bonding applications especially on composite structures.


Technology Portfolio:

  • Acrylic Adhesives
  • Epoxy Adhesives
  • Polyurethane Adhesives
  • Urethane Adhesives
  • Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesives


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