Our products

We supply more than 10,000 specialty chemicals
Bonding, Filling and Potting, Film adhesives and Paste adhesives
Composite Technologies
Pre-pregs, Honeycomb, Carbon Fiber and Mold Release agents
Coolants, Personal protection, paint spray equipment
Oils, Greases and Lubricants
Turbine and Piston Engine Oils, Hydraulic Fluids and Aircraft Greases
Paint Systems and Coatings
Aircraft Paint and Finishes, Conversion Coatings and Conformal Coatings
Sealants and Silicones
Fuel tank-, fuselage- and low-density sealants, silicone rubber compounds
Surface Treatment
Aircraft Cleaners, Paint Strippers, Engine Overhaul Products and NDT materials
Wipes and Tapes
Protective Film Tapes, Masking Products, Aircraft wipes and Pre-impregnated wipes

Aviocom B.V.

Propelled by innovations

Aviocom BV, a subsidiary of Gaches Chimie, stands out as the premier distributor of Specialty Chemical Compounds, exclusively dedicated to serving the aerospace industry. With a comprehensive portfolio of over 10,000 high-performance products, we are committed to delivering excellence in every facet of our services.

Our core mission revolves around enhancing the availability, utilization, and societal acceptance of chemicals. Through close collaboration with our customers, we strive to create solutions that not only cut costs but also enhance performance and promote sustainability.

Reduce cost and focus on your key activities while we seamlessly manage all your chemical requirements and enhance product availability at the same time.


Providing exceptional customer service lies at the heart of the mission of our organization. Our multi-lingual customer service team is made up of highly skilled professionals with expertise in your industry. please let us know how we can help you by filling out the form.