Luis Dominguez

Luis grew up in Andalusia, Spain, where he attended Secondary School for five years. He was educated at the University of Seville, where he studied for a BA in German Studies and earned a degree in literature, linguistics and modern languages (WO) from the Faculty of Philology. After having lived in France, Portugal and Germany during several years, he decided to move to the Netherlands in 2005, back then Luis discovered the taste of “Hollandse Nieuwe”  brined herring, it was love at first sight.

He had been working in sports, fashion, cosmetics and the elevator industries before Aviocom opened up for him, as he said; “the gates of heaven”….  Aviation.

Luis speaks 7 languages, we see this as a very valuable asset to the company. In his free time Luis enjoys playing all kind of ball team sports and he currently plays in a Dutch amateur football competition. If he had to choose between the beach and the mountains, he would pick to live on the beach and enjoy the mountains while on vacation.

His true passions lie today in reading good books, learning new languages and music. Due to his experience, he pilots our customer service export team from our office located at Lelystad-Airport, where he remains fully at your disposal.

"The feeling of confidence you get when you’re trying your hardest to make your job every day a little bit better".