NEODOL 91-6 (203 KG)

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NEODOL 91-6 is based on Shell Chemicals’ high purity C9-C11 NEODOL alcohol with an average of approximately 6 moles of ethylene oxide per mole of alcohol. Shell Neodol 91-6 Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate 203Kg Drum.

NEODOL ethoxylates are produced by adding varying amounts of ethylene oxide (EO) to high purity linear C9-C15 NEODOL alcohols. These products have a wide range of uses where surface active agents are required. These include detergents and personal care products (bath soaps, shampoos, etc.).

NEODOL ethoxylates are stable products, which will maintain product quality for long periods of time if properly stored. Many NEODOL ethoxylates can solidify at ambient temperatures and should be stored at temperatures at least 5 °C /10 °F above their pour points in order to assure good fluidity. Heating is required when the ambient temperatures fall below the pour point. Overheating is a key variable that could have an adverse effect on product quality (eg, color degradation and carbonyl increase). Care should be taken, therefore, to store the product at the proper temperature and to use a heating medium that does not produce excessive localized temperature.

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