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Unit Can
Brand AkzoNobel
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  • UN 1263, 3, III (D/E)
  • Aviox Finish 77702 needs to be used in combination with Curing Solution 90150 and Activator 99321, 99330, 99322 or 99341.
    • 100 parts Aviox Finish 77702
    • 50 parts Activator 99341, 99321, 99322 or 99330
    • 50 parts Hardener 90150

Polyurethane Topcoat

Aviox Finish 77702 is a 3 component durable high gloss finish for exterior use. Aviox Finish 77702 is a product part of the Aviox Advanced Series which utilizes the latest high solid technology and sets the standard for minimum process times and reduced process cycle costs. To ease the spot repairs, Aviox Finish 77702 can be used in combination with SRA9009. See Technical Data Sheet of SRA9009 for this purpose.

Features and Benefits

  • Extended durability / UV resistance
  • High solids
  • Resistance to aircraft hydraulic fluids and chemicals
  • Wide application window due to various activators


  • Gloss Level: Minimum 90 GU
  • Delivery Method: Solvent-borne
  • Coverage: 20 m² per liter base material at 50 μm dry film thickness.
  • 814 ft² per US gallon base material at 2 mil dry film thickness
Airbus Industries:
AIMS 04-04-013
AIMS 04-04-025
AIMS 04-04-031
AIMS 04-04-032
IPS 04-04-031-05
IPS 04-04-032-04

British Aerospace Airbus:
ABP 4-2126
ABP 4-2127
ABP 4-2364

MEP 10-069

TH 5.721
TH 6.7370

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