Tapes & Wipes:


The aircraft business requires a vast number of adhesive tapes and films for many different applications.

These varied applications, whether in terms of consumables or aircraft adaptables, require optimal management and the guarantee that the strictest standards will be met: traceability, FAR, etc.

In this field, ADHETEC gives you the security only a specialised partner can, and the advantages of a complete range and a global source.

Masking and tapes for paint shops
Surface protection solutions and films
Protection against moisture
Hook and loop system
Mastics, etc.

Our solutions provide you with the best perspectives with regard to service and are aimed at your performance in terms of logistics, cost and technology.



Chicopee is a leading manufacturer of wiping products with built-in product performance. They offer the largest, most complete line of wiping products for a wide range of wiping applications including Boeing & Airbus approved Nonwoven cloths



Tapes & Wipes