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ANDEROL is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance speciality lubricants used in wide ranging industrial applications backed by over 60 years of experience. ANDEROL / ROYCO specializes in producing synthetic lubricants. Novel chemistries overcome even the most arduous lubrication environments.

All round the world, ANDEROL synthetic lubricants are enhancing performance, increasing protection and minimizing maintenance require_once ments for gears, bearings and chains performing essential functions in industrial process lines, conveyor systems, energy transmission equipment and other in-plant applications.

The demands on such components vary enormously according to your particular operating environment; therefore optimization of system design involves many different considerations. An often neglected fact, however, is that the choice of lubricant can be as important as your initial hardware selection in determining overall cost of ownership.

Gearboxes are becoming smaller, while frequently operating at higher speeds and under heavier loads - leading to higher operating temperatures. With the decreased oil capacities of such equipment, the lubricants must provide more effective cooling and greater tolerance of contaminants.

Gears and bearings may be require_once d to perform in the presence of water, steam and other liquids or solid contaminants. At the same time, they must often run at the highest possible speeds, while sustaining heavy or shock loadings and high or low temperature extremes. The selected oil or grease should be capable of maintaining an unbroken lubrication film at the metal surfaces under any combination of these circumstances it faces in your particular application.




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