Dip Tank Paint & Carbon Removers:



Product Name



Turco 5351 Thin

Chlorinated diphase liquid paint remover for epoxy and polyurethane coatings

(AMS) 1378
(Boeing) BAC 5725
(Bombardier) MPS 180-6 (Rev. G 4) 
(ROCKW) RA-1110-008

Turco 5555 H

Diphase liquid hot tank paint remover for aircraft wheels and components

(PW) (SPOP 250)
(RR) OMAT 141A
(SMI) 8-532 (MIL-R-83936A) 

Turco 5668

Liquid diphase hot tank paint remover for urethane coatings and chromated primers (non-chlorinated, non-chromated).

(AIR) 044 
(AMS) 1374 
(AMS) 1385 
(Boeing) BAC 5725 
(CFM) CP 2555 
(CFM) CP 2563 
(GE) C04-105 (70-80-30) 
(GE) C04-185 
(Lockheed) 32.0601 
(Lockheed) 32.061 
(Messier) PSC 2700 Issue 1 
(MIL) MIL-R-83936 
(MIL) MIL-R-83936B (Amend. 1 - TO 4W-1-61) 
(PW) SPMC 174 
(PW) SPMC 83 (SPOP 260) 
(RR) OMAT 1/226 
(RR) OMAT 1/226K 
(SMI) 6-821 (LOCKHEED) 
(SMI) 900531 (ASTM F945) 
(SMI) 900760 (MIL-R-83936B Am.2) 
(SMI) 9109024 (ASTM F519 Type 1) 
(SMI) 9109024 (MIL-R-83936B Am.1) 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMR DMR 70-129 

Turco 6453

Alkaline stripper free of chromate and phenols. Removes antigallants, polyurethanes, acrylics, and epoxies, chromated primers, PRC-1560M, and aluminized silicone epoxy coatings. Safe on all common aircraft metals.

(CFM) CP 2563
(GE) C04-185
(MIL) MIL-R-83936B (Amend. 1 TO 4W-1-61)
(PW) SPMC 103 (SPOP 257) 
(PW) SPMC 174
(RR) OMAT 1/226K
(RR) OMAT 1/250

Turco 9045-6

Ready to use Unique water based carbon remover for engine overhaul. Safe on all common aircraft alloys.

(Anacon) 37348 (PW Hot Corrosion) 
(Anacon) 9642 (ASTM F-945) 

(PW) SPMC 183 (SPOP 207) 
(SMI) 9410050 (ARP 1755B) 
(SMI) 9605097 (ASTM F945) 

Turco 6045

Acid stripper, free of chlorinated solvents, aromatic solvents and phenols. Removes silicone sealants, adhesives, etc. from engine parts.

(AMS) 1386
(CFM) CP 2358
(GE) C04-149 (70-80-30)
(PW) SPMC SPMC 56 (SPOP 254)
(PW) SPMC 56 (SPOP 254) 
(RR) OMAT 1/142B


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