Neutral Paint Strippers:


While it is not always essential; generally the best, most consistent results are obtained if the aircraft is cleaned before stripping. Although any good aircraft exterior cleaner may be used, our best recommendation is to use TURCO 5948 DPM at 10-25% in water, applied by spray, brush or mop, followed by a thorough water rinse. A warm to hot water rinse will insure that the skin temperature of the aircraft is high enough for ideal stripping. After the aircraft is completely clean and dry, it is ready for taping and masking.

Although Turco's benzyl alcohol based Environmentally Advantaged (EA) paint strippers are generally much less aggressive than methylene chloride based products on most substrates, it is still absolutely necessary to protect sensitive aircraft parts from any contact with these products during the stripping operation. Basically, these sensitive parts are the same as would be protected in a methylene chloride stripping process. These would include windows, composite structures, pitot tubes, some high strength steel fasteners (especially if an acid product is being used), doors and access ports, tires, landing gear and struts, wheel well areas, any areas that might allow access to the aircraft interior or to engines, etc.

During the time the aircraft is being readied for stripping, all the necessary equipment and chemicals should be assembled in the stripping area. The hangar temperature should be checked to verify that it is on or above 25°C. The containers of stripper should have been stored in a warm environment so that the stripper temperature is also on or above 25°C.



Product Name



Turco 5351

(Turco 5469)

Neutral, Methylene Chloride remover for epoxy and polyurethane coatings .

(Airbus) CML 12-005I
(AMS) 1375
(BAe) AVP 9-033 (Issue 4)
(Boeing) BAC 20-60-01
(Boeing) BAC 5725
(Boeing) D6-17476 ((SAA))
(Boeing) D6-17487 (Rev. L)
(Boeing) D6-34501
(Bombardier) MPS 180-6 (Rev. G 4)
(CFM) CP 2258
(Douglas) DPM 5549
(Lockheed) 32.06
(Lockheed) 32.233
(Lockheed) 32.2352
(MCL) 34230-6 (ASTM F519)
(MIL) MIL-R-81294 (C)
(MIL) MIL-TO 1-1-8
(MIL) MIL-TO 4W-1-61
(ROCKW) RA-1110-008
(SMI) 9-307 (Hydrogen Embrittlement)



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