Jet Engine Overhaul:


Henkel produces all process chemistries for the overhaul of aircraft engines and land based compressors. Simplified processes meet OEM standard practices. Process solutions for both hot and cold sections. Designed to remove the toughest soils and scales, and provide for efficient NDT evaluation.

New "GL" (global) product line offers Henkel products and quality around the world.

Compressor wash products provide on-wing cleaning solutions for improved engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The overhaul maintenance cleaning of a jet engine and its components is scheduled to allow for inspection and preparation for additional work by removing the scale, soil and dirt build-up. Once an engine is dismantled to begin the inspection phase, chemical cleaning is recommended prior to NDT, which uses fluorescent penetrants to detect cracks and defects. Physical abrasion or shot blasting could potentially prevent detection by covering over areas of interest. Turco® specially formulated cleaning agents that work not only to ensure worry-free inspections, but also to restore engine appearance and efficiency with components that are free of build-up.



Typical Alkaline Process


Typical Alkaline / Acid Process


Product Name



Turco 4008-3

Alkaline descaler and conditioner

(AL) 501-D13 
(AMS) 1380 
(CFM) CP 2063 
(MIL) MIL-D-26549 
(PW) 1268 (SPOP 11, 13) 
(RR) OMAT MS-624 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMP 12-056 
DMP 13-069 
DMR DMR 70-260 

Turco 4090
Turco Airlion

Heavy duty granular alkaline spray and immersion cleaner for ferrous and nonferrous alloys

(Boeing) BAC 5749 
(Boeing) BMS 5514 
(Douglas) DPM 980 
(Lockheed) 32.0202 
(Messier) IFC 40-761-02 MD - 2 (Messier-Dowty) 
(ROCKW) MAO-110-024F 
(ROCKW) MBO-210-008 
(ROCKW) RBO-210-005 
(ROCKW) STO-610-RA-0034 

Turco 4104
(Turco Nitradd)

Liquid additive for nitric acid pickling solutions

(Airbus) CML 05-095 
(Boeing) BAC 5753 
(Boeing) BMS 5514 
(Boeing) BMS 5751 
(Boeing) BMS 5758 
(CFM) CP 2061 
(GD) 000-658-011 
(GD) 63.02A 
(GD) FPS-0116A 
(GE) C04-073 (70-80-30) 
(PW) 1573 
(ROCKW) LAO-110-005 
(ROCKW) LAO-110-006 
(ROCKW) LAO-110-008 
(ROCKW) LAO-110-009 
(ROCKW) RAO-109-005 
(ROCKW) RAO-110-018 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMP 12-056 
DMP 13-069 
DMR DMR 70-266 

Turco 4181
Turco ARR 

Granular Alkaline Rust Remover - Jet Engine cleaning compound (Electrolytic cleaner for Ferrous Alloys)

(Airbus) CML 11-544 
(Airbus) CML 12-533 
(AMS) 1379 
(AMS) 1380 

(ARP) 1795A 
(AS) CMM 189120 
(Boeing) BMS 5771 
(CFM) CP 2054 
(CFM) CP 2518 
(GD) 9951 
(GE) C04-009 (70-80-30) 
(GE) C04-187 
(IAE) 01-146 
(MIL) MIL-TT-C-490 (M V) 
(PW) 1404 
(PW) SMPC 12 
(PW) SPMC 7 (SPOP 18, 203, 211, 212, 213, 221, 222, 258) 
(ROCKW) MBO-210-015 
(ROCKW) NE-511-10 
(ROCKW) NE-511-9 
(ROCKW) PR-601-11 
(RR) OMAT 1/173P 
(RR) OMAT 173C 
(TM) CCT APPROVED (Dec 1993) 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMP 13-037 
DMR DMR 70-125 (J) 
DMR DMR 70-256 

Turco 4181 Liquid

Liquid Alkaline rust remover - Jet Engine cleaning compound

TURCO 4181-L is easy and safe to handle. Make up of tank is much less dangerous compared to powder products. No risk for crystallization of the concentrate at temperatures above freezing point

(AMS) 1379 
(ARP) 1755 B (StockLoss Test Method) 
(AS) CMM 189120 
(CFM) CP 2054 
(CFM) CP 2562 
(CFM) Temp 970318 
(GE) C04-009 (70-80-30) 
(GE) C04-182 
(IAE) 01-417 
(PW) SPMC 116 (SPOP 18, 203, 211, 212, 213, 216, 221, 222, 258) 
(PW) SPMC 129 
(RR) OMAT 1/173N 
(RR) OMAT 173C 
(SMI) 900230 (ASTM F-945) 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMR DMR 70-256 

Turco 4215 NC-LT

Powdered, medium duty alkaline spray wash compound safe on most

common aircraft metals except magnesium. Non-silicated, nonchromated.

Capable of operating

effectively at high temperatures and pressures (800 psi) without foaming. Can also be used in heavily agitated dip tank. Free rinsing.

(Airbus) CML 11-024 
(BAe) ABP 8-1290 (Iss. 4) 
(Boeing) BAC 5749 
(Bombardier) MPS 180-1 
(CFM) CP 2345 
(Douglas) DPM 2776-5 
(Fokker) FK 
(GE) C14-068 
(Lockheed) 32.0104 & 32.2089 
(ROCKW) LBO-210-114 
(RR) CSS204 
(SMI) 881001 (ASTM F945) 
(TM) CCT APPROVED (Dec 1993) 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMP 13-032 
DMR DMR 70-113 

Turco 4316 Liquid

Heat scale conditioning compound for ferrous, magnesium and titanium alloys and stainless steel

(CFM) CP 2062 
(GE) C04-080 (70-80-30) 
(RR) OMAT 1/170 
(TM) CCT APPROVED (Dec 1993) 

Turco 4338 L

Hot section jet engine cleaning compound alkaline permanganate liquid form.

T-4338-L modifies high temperature heat scale by chemically changing the structure of the oxide deposit to one that is less tenacious

T-4338-L is supplied as two liquid concentrates that are mixed together in equal volume for use.

(Boeing) BAC 5753 
(Boeing) BMS 5751 
(Boeing) BMS 5758 
(CFM) CP 2060 
(GE) C04-054 (70-80-30) 
(IAE) V2500 (SPMC 15) 
(PW) SPMC 15 (V2500) 
(PW) SPMC 15-1 (SPOP 211, 213, 221, 224) 
(RR) OMAT 198 
(SMI) 9403069 (ARP 1755B) 
(SMI) 9403087 (ARP 1755B) 
DMP 12-056 
DMP 13-069 
DMR DMR 70-262 

Turco 4409

Liquid inhibited phosphoric acid jet engine cleaning compound (immersion, wipe or spray applications).

(AMS) 1384 
(CFM) CP 2056 
(CFM) CP 2521 
(GE) C04-119 (70-80-30) 
(GE) C04-190 
(MIL) MIL-C-10578 (TY III) 
(PW) SPMC 21 (SPOP 11, 211) 
(TM) CCT APPROVED (Dec 1993) 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMP 12-056 
DMP 13-069 
DMR DMR 70-010 (C) 
DMR DMR 70-270 

Turco 4409 GL

Liquid inhibited phosphoric acid jet engine cleaning compound (immersion, wipe or spray applications).


Turco 5948 DPM

Heavy duty, water based alkaline cleaner for painted and unpainted surfaces. Contains no ethylene glycol ethers. Removes dirt, greases, synthetic oil films, carbon and exhaust residue from aircraft and engines. Nonflammable.

(AIR) 050 
(AMS) 1530 (B) 
(AMS) 1550 
(CFM) CP 2470 
(CFM) CP 2565 
(GE) C04-184 
(GE) C04-208 (70-80-30) 
(PW) PMC 1414 (SPOP 1, 18, 201, 208, 209) 
(PW) SPMC 105 (SPOP 1, 18, 201, 208, 209) 
(PW) SPMC 113 
(RR) CSS204 
(RR) OMAT 1/24K & 1/24P & 1/264 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMP 13-032 
DMR DMR 70-157 

Turco Scale Gon 5

Mildly acidic liquid scale remover - jet engine cleaning compound. Replacement of the conventional sulphuric acid based products

These products can become corrosive due to degradation of inhibitive system at working temp.

(AMS) 1382 
(CFM) CP 2557 
(GE) C04-195 (70-80-30) 
(GE) S-1159 
(PW) SPMC 130 (SPOP 211, 213) 
(RR) OMAT 1/152B 
(SMI) 900717 (ARP 1755A) 
(SMI) 9806062 (ARP 1755B) 
(TM) CCT APPROVED (Dec 1993) 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMP 12-056 & 13-069
DMR DMR 70-258 

Turco Scale Gon 6

Acid activated liquid scale and rust remover for high alloy steels (jet engine parts).

(CFM) CP 2564 
(GE) C04-183 
(PW) SPMC 154 
(RR) OMAT 1/153B & 1/153C 

Turco Scale Gon 7

Mildly acidic jet engine cleaning compound

(PW) SPMC SPOP 211-213 
(SMI) 05MAR369 (ASTM F945) 

Turco Rust Bloc

Alkaline liquid rust inhibitor - additive for steel and cast iron.

(IAE) 10-098
(PW) 9332
(PW) PMC 9132
(PW) SPMC 140 (SPOP 62, 82, 84, 203, 211, 213, 253, 258) 


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