General Information:

Loctite® Frekote® mold release agents are favored worldwide by manufacturers in a variety of plastic and rubber molding processes. When applied to a mold, these advanced release coatings form micro-thin, thermally stable surfaces that are chemically bonded to the mold surface, resulting in multiple, contaminant-free releases and reduced manufacturing costs .


Newly Developed Products

Product Name


Frekote® 901WBTM

A spray-on leave-on water-based mold release for large
areas. Product was screened for 787 fuselage and had
minimal transfer and excellent release characteristics. This product has no odor and is not flammable since it is
water-based. Also we have Frekote® 915-WB water-based tool cleaner and Turco® Aerowash water-based part cleaners.


Frekote® Wipe

Pre-measured Packaging Our first wipe package for Frekote®. Ideal for minimizing  spillage or contamination. Resealable for later use.




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