An Efficient, Effective Alternative to Epoxy
While epoxy chemistry has served the aerospace industry well for decades, the engineers at Henkel's aerospace group are always searching for methods to improve the structural assembly process. The goals of EpsilonTM resins are to enhance mechanical performance and durability, while lowering some of the costs associated with composite structure during manufacture and service.

Stronger is Better
Seeking a durable new resin chemistry that would polymerize at moderate temperature without the evolution of volatile materials, Henkel experimented with several chemistries before discovering the benefits of the benzoxazine compounds used in EpsilonTM products. In addition to such high performance attributes as low cure shrinkage, low water absorption and improved thermal stability, EpsilonTM resins also meet the customer demand for process ease, lower weight, and cost savings.

Another Innovation from Henkel
For more than 80 years, Henkel has been a consistent, reliable partner and supplier to the world's leading aerospace manufacturers. With EpsilonTM, a family of thermoset resins based upon benzoxazine, Henkel has once again emerged as an industry innovator.



Composite Solutions - Assembly Made Easy(ier)!


The aerospace industry is constantly striving to improve performance and reduce cost of the structures. Many advances have been made in materials performance, design and manufacturing for recent aerospace programs. One of the technologies that has proved to be particularly successful is liquid resin processing, in which the resin is infused into a fiber preform during manufacture of the finished article.

Henkel Benzoxazine Resin 99120
Benzoxazine Liquid Infusion Resin

• Outstanding toughness and elongation
• Excellent hot-wet performance
• Processable in Vacuum Assist Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)
• Room temperature storage and shipping
• Broad process window
• Very low exotherm compared to epoxy resins



Composite Assembly








Liquid Infusion

Resin 99120