Bearing Cleaning Process:


To replace methylene chloride or other solvent based compounds for bearing cleaning, P&W issued the following process:



Product Name



Turco 4181 Liquid

Liquid Alkaline rust remover - especially formulated for cleaning bearings. The product will not present discoloration of bearing materials. Ultrasonic agitation is beneficial but not mandatory. TURCO  4181-L may be used as received or diluted up to 7 parts of water.
Tank should be maintained at 80-90 C.

(AMS) 1379 
(ARP) 1755 B (StockLoss Test Method) 
(AS) CMM 189120 
(CFM) CP 2054 
(CFM) CP 2562 
(CFM) Temp 970318 
(GE) C04-009 (70-80-30) 
(GE) C04-182 
(IAE) 01-417 
(PW) SPMC 116 (SPOP 18, 203, 211, 212, 213, 216, 221, 222, 258) 
(PW) SPMC 129 
(RR) OMAT 1/173N 
(RR) OMAT 173C 
(SMI) 900230 (ASTM F-945) 
(TM) CCT APPROVED (Dec 1993) 
(TM) CCT LB540 
DMR DMR 70-256 

Turco Aquasorb

Aquasorb is a water displacing rust and corrosion preventative oil for protection during bearing inspection. The product is supplied in a ready for use form. Tanks should be equipped with a bottom drain valve, since water from parts will fall to the bottom portion where it can be drained off.

(Boeing) BMS 5751
(CFM) CP 2561
(GE) C02-064 (70-80-30) 
(PW) SPMC 125 (SPOP 216) 
(ROCKW) NE-511-9
(ROCKW) RBO-210-005
(ROCKW) STO-610-RA-0034
(RR) OMAT 1036N
(SMI) 9801053 (AMS 3065G)
(TM) CCT LB540



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