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Alodine® is an international brand name for Henkel Technologies' conversion, anodizing and functional coatings suitable for use on aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous alloys. These coatings provide improved corrosion protection and paint adhesion.


Newly Developed Products

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Alodine 5923

ALODINE 5923 is a chemical conversion process for aluminium and its alloys, completly free from hexavalent chromium 

Alodine® 871™

A convenient felt-tipped trivalent chrome conversion coating repair tool that provides a dry-in-place conversion coating on aluminum surfaces prior to painting. Ideal for coating repair work. Certified to MIL-DTL-81706B.

Alodine® T 5900™


Alodine® T 5900TM treatment is a complex trivalent
chromium conversion coating formulated for treating
aluminum and its alloys, metals coated with IVD aluminum, magnesium, titanium and zinc surfaces.

Alodine® EC2™

Alodine® EC2TM Process is an electroceramic coating of
titanium oxide for aluminum and titanium alloys that
produces a flexible, wear resistant and corrosion resistant coating that can stand alone or accept an organic coating or





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