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As part of the COVID-19 epidemic, to ensure your protection.

These non-woven masks are made of soft material and feel comfortable. The mask is equipped with ear elastics that promote wearing comfort. These masks are also equipped with a flexible nose clip for the correct connection around the face.

These masks are made with the latest techniques and consist of 3 layers:

  • Non-woven waiving
  • Fusible spray cloth filter layer
  • Skin friendly layer

The masks are packed per 50 pieces in a handy dispenser box.

  • Complies with EN149 + CE certification
  • Long ear elastics
  • Sturdy and flexible noseband
  • Less fogged up glasses - thanks to the strong noseband and absorbent inner layer, most of the water vapor will be captured from your breath and diverted. As a result, your glasses fog up less quickly.
  • Soft on the skin - thanks to the use of the skin friendly layer, the mask feels wonderfully soft and does not irritate the skin.
  • Light material - the safe masks feel light and thin, so you hardly notice that you are wearing the mask.
  • Carefree breathing - thanks to the combination of breathable and absorbent materials, you can breathe without any problems.

Avoid Misuse

  • The mask is one disposable product and should not be reused.
  • It's not recommended to wear where the air is not circulating, breathing is not smooth or while sleeping.
  • It's not recommended to use it on children under 3 years because of their low lung capacity.
  • Package should be stored in rooms with a relative humidity of no more than 80% no corrosives and good ventilation.
  • The face shield is not made to intentionally come into contact with infected people.

Disclaimer of Liability

We do not accept any liability for the masks. It's the reponsibility of the user to check that it's suitable for its intended purpose before use. In addition, liability for infection and risk of infection is excluded.

Complies with EN149 + CE certification.

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